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V1140X container board production and delivery

Built by MISUN, after a year of technical research and development and half a year of production and use, combined with the international new container board, it has been able to produce very excellent board products. V1140X box board replaces the original old-fashioned box board, strengthens the board type and strength, and satisfies different usage requirements in any size. The V1140X container board ensures the flatness and fullness of the full seam welding, and overcomes the continuous leakage of old-fashioned plates. The V1140 type plate is used as the roof of the container, which realizes the feasibility of centralized drainage and ensures that there is no welding leakage. V1140X container board has improved its own strength, which is 1.5--2 times higher than the strength of the old-style board with the same thickness, which greatly extends the service life of the container.