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BYSD Product Introduction: Container Mobile House (CH) Series 1

Subject heading: What's so special about the container mobile house?

Author: Bo Ya Shengda Executive Committee decisions

Why is the container mobile house so popular in today's market? What are its main advantages and what are its characteristics? Today we will briefly talk about it.

First of all, the price of the container mobile house is reasonable, but its scope of use is not restricted. It can be built in various places such as construction sites, mines, and oil fields, and we can also decorate it according to our own preferences. If you want to stay outside for a while, you can also put furniture such as beds, sofas, and add some small appliances.

Some places have begun to open container mobile apartment apartments, and this kind of apartment is very popular with people because it is affordable, but it is not inferior to those green brick and red wall houses.

And its use can reduce the construction time by 50%, but this does not mean cutting corners, and its safety still has many good guarantees. Its disassembly and assembly are very convenient. From the above points, it is not difficult to see why the container mobile house is so popular!

Features of container mobile house

Container mobile houses can be divided into three types. The first is a container house modified with traditional container boxes, the second is a brand new welded mobile house, and the third is a removable container mobile house. Their characteristics can be said to be: One is more than one. These container houses have been very popular in recent years and have been recognized and praised by everyone.

There are many characteristics of container mobile houses, and they can be used in many areas. For example, temporary offices, accommodations, meeting rooms, etc. need to use this kind of mobile box-style houses. This kind of house has a life span of more than ten years, can be recycled, and is very environmentally friendly. The pressure is also great. Since the reform and opening up, my country's economy has been developing at a high speed. A large number of permanent steel structure buildings are being built. In addition, industries that need to work in the field for a long time and open-air work need to use container mobile houses. Temporary houses that meet different requirements are needed during emergency needs, disaster relief, and peak tourist flow during tourism and festivals. Therefore, various temporary buildings have emerged, among which the best and most popular are container mobile houses.

The demand for container mobile homes is now very large, and it is still growing. The market is quite large. This kind of mobile and affordable container mobile homes are very optimistic for everyone, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.