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Increase the operation of container houses

Boya Shengda Management Department:

Today, another good news from the company inspires all participants: the container mobile house has successfully completed its annual sales target. From the decision to start production at the beginning of the year to the assessment in October 2013, the company completed the annual sales target of container mobile houses ahead of schedule: 350 sets of worker boxes were produced and sold, 300 sets of office boxes were sold, 105 sets of custom boxes were sold, and 138 sets of old boxes were rebuilt. , 86 sets of second-hand boxes are sold exclusively. Shangma Container House is the No. 1 plan of unit activity house launched by the company in advance after several years of deliberation. Because of the excellence of the container in many aspects, the company decided to launch the container house first after comparing different product types. Facts have proved that the container house has shown super high value whether it is used in temporary construction on site or in other applications. In addition, more and more potential customers have plans to expand the application range of containers. Through nearly 10 months of operation, the company passed the 2014 Decision No. 001 --- Container House Double Operation Plan at this shareholder and year-end inventory meeting. The company will not only develop more types of container house products, but also promote container house products on a wider scale, especially in view of the excellent value of the product, the company proposes a sales + leasing dual market strategy to make better products better To serve various customers. Up to now, the company has reserved a certain amount of standard container workers' accommodation boxes to meet the large demand of the leasing market.

Shenyang Boya Shengda Steel Structure Housing Co., Ltd. Management Department