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The performance of GPC movable board room

The GPC (C-shaped steel assembly) movable board house uses sandwich panels as the material, light steel as the skeleton, and standard modulus for assembly. The components are connected by environmentally friendly energy-saving bolts, which can be assembled and disassembled quickly and conveniently. Pay attention to the beautiful, firm and comfortable building of the house. The steel frame adopts invisible design, so that the frame of the board house is hidden inside the wall of the house. It is durable and suitable for daily residences, shops and temporary offices.

The performance of the mobile board room

The structure is reliable. Safe and reliable, the light steel flexible structure system meets the specification requirements of building structure design.

Flexible layout. The doors and windows of the movable board house can be set at any position you want, and the indoor partition can be set at any horizontal axis. The stairs are set outdoors.

Long use time. The light steel structure is treated with anti-corrosion spray paint, and the service time can reach more than 10 years.

Beautifully decorated. The movable board room is beautiful in appearance, bright in color, smooth in surface, soft in texture, and has a good decorative effect.

Environmental protection and conservation. The board house has reasonable design, simple and convenient disassembly and assembly, and can be recycled for many times, with low loss rate and no construction waste. The average annual use cost is lower than similar houses built with other materials.

The structure is waterproof. The movable board room adopts structural waterproof design, and no additional waterproofing treatment is required.

Various specifications. The movable board room adopts standardized components, the length and width are both (1K=1150mm) as the modulus, and the height is 1P=950mm as the modulus. The horizontal size of the house is mK+80(100) and the vertical size is nK+80(100)