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Container mobile houses came from behind and quickly became popular

We know that there are many types of prefabricated houses, such as prefabricated houses, light steel prefabricated houses, color steel prefabricated houses, and so on. There are a lot of them. According to different materials, many movable houses can be distinguished. The development of mobile houses is not long, but the types are endless. The new container mobile houses are coming from behind and they are very popular.

How fast this kind of container mobile house has developed, let's uncover this mystery. We know that ordinary prefabricated houses have many problems, such as troublesome installation, greater loss, poor wind resistance, poor earthquake resistance, poor fire resistance, environmental pollution, inflexible use, and more troublesome movement. In contrast, container mobile houses are much more advanced. For example, the installation speed is more than ten times faster, there is almost no loss in disassembly and assembly, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and fire resistance are relatively good, green and environmentally friendly, flexible in use, and very convenient to move. As long as these products are used, the container mobile house that happens immediately is indeed very good in comparison.

The rapid popularity of container mobile houses is that in addition to the better product itself, there is also a fundamental reason, that is, it is very cheap. At present, many places have begun to use container mobile houses as dormitories, and the rent is very cheap. It only takes a few dollars to live for a day. I think this is the fastest reason for the development of container mobile houses.