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Increase the operation of container houses

Today, another good news from the company inspires all participants: the container mobile house has successfully completed its annual sales target. From the decision to start production at the beginning of the year to the assessment in October 2013, the company completed the annual sales target of container mobile houses ahead of schedule: 350 sets of worker boxes were produced and sold, 300 sets of office boxes were sold, 105 sets of custom boxes were sold, and 138 sets of old boxes were rebuilt. , 86 sets of second-hand boxes are sold exclusively.
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V1140X container board production and delivery

Built by MISUN, after a year of technical research and development and half a year of production and use, combined with the international new container board, it has been able to produce very excellent board products.
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BYSD Product Introduction: Container Mobile House (CH) Series 1

Time of issue:2023-01-18

Subject heading: What's so special about the container mobile house?

The performance of GPC movable board room

The GPC (C-shaped steel assembly) movable board house uses sandwich panels as the material, light steel as the skeleton, and standard modulus for assembly. The components are connected by environmentally friendly energy-saving bolts, which can be assembled and disassembled quickly and conveniently. Pay attention to the beautiful, firm and comfortable building of the house. The steel frame adopts invisible design, so that the frame of the board house is hidden inside the wall of the house. It is durable and suitable for daily residences, shops and temporary offices.
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